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About Saint Lucian Heroes:


The Saint Lucian Heroes website seeks to serve as a repository for the many heroes of Saint Lucia. We wish to highlight the extraordinary works of individuals in the local community along with the works of many Saint Lucians who serve our global village in various forms.

It is hoped that through the use of technology, we will be able to showcase some simple and yet amazing works of greatness. We wish to empower young people to recognize their own potential; that they too are born to be great and can accomplish anything in this world which they desire.  Moreover, we hope to illustrate that through simple deeds of kindness, simple deeds of passion and the expression of one’s innate talents that each and everyone of us is capable of “paying it forward” in effecting  positive change within our world.

We encourage our visitors to share stories, art, photos, music and videos on our site to help develop this project exponentially.  It is our mission to bring this project into our local schools where teachers can use our programs in their curriculum, libraries, after-school workshops, and in the community, helping our students develop a deeper sense of pride as Saint Lucians.