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Dr. Frederick Clarke (1912-1980)

Dr. Frederick Clarke    (1912-1980)

Dr. Clarke

Frederick Joseph Clarke was born in Castries in May, 1912. He attended school in Barbados, St. Vincent and St. Lucia. He continued his studies in Scotland and became a doctor. He worked for a short time in England, then returned to St. Lucia.

For many years, he served the people of St. Lucia as a doctor in government service. At first he was a district medical officer in Soufriere. Later he moved to Castries. Dr. Clarke became Chief Medical Officer of St. Lucia. He loved the people too, especially those who lived in the countryside. He liked to laugh a lot and tell jokes, especially in patois. Dr. Clarke knew a lot about St. Lucian bush medicine. From his schooldays he loved sports and games. He played football and cricket. He was captain of the St. Lucia cricket team three times. For a time he served as a member of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control. He also played the card game called ‘Bridge’ very well.

Although retired from government service in 1963 he still worked as a doctor. In 1964 he found another way to serve his country and people, when he became Speaker of the House of Assembly.

When St. Lucia became an Associated State in March 1967, Frederick Clarke was made Governor of St. Lucia. He was the first St. Lucian to be Governor of the State. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and became Sir Frederick Clarke. The people of St. Lucia were happy when he was made Governor, because they knew he loved his country and people.

Sir Frederick Clarke retired as Governor in 1971. He still worked as a doctor and took a great interest in sports especially cricket until he became ill. He died in 1980.

All St. Lucians were very sad. When he died flags were flown at half mast. St. Lucia had lost a son of the soil.

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