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Dr. The Honourable Sir Dunstan St. Omer

Dr. The Honourable Sir Dunstan St. Omer

Dr. The Honourable  Sir Dunstan St. Omer


Born: October 24th, 1927


Dr. The Honourable Sir Dunstan St. Omer is regarded as St. Lucia’s leading artist with his major works receiving international recognition. He is responsible for having designed St. Lucia’s national flag. His murals, which are quite famous, are featured in a number of churches around St. Lucia. The best known murals are the Holy Family at the Roseau Church and the figure of Christ at the Fond St. Jacques Church. Other liberating paintings by St. Omer are a series of portraits of famous St. Lucian jurists and portraits of other famous St. Lucians.  His continuous work in the art of painting has resulted in the development and growth of painters from all parts of St. Lucia.  With the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1970, a programme was initiated to incorporate the art of painting into the educational curriculum at the infant and primary school level. Since the inception of the programme, a very high standard of work has been recognized in the island with a whole new generation of painters being developed.

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