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Peter Adrien

Peter Adrien

Peter Adrien

Peter Adrien, former senior advisor to the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, was the 2010 Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecturer.  He has written extensively Peter Adrienon fiance and growth, economic development, tourism and sport.  His latest book, Sport Tourism, a five-year market research on the growth of the services sector in the Caribbean.

Peter Adrien, Cert. Ed; BSc (Hon); MSc; MPhil


Peter Adrien is a well known educator, motivational speaker, business consultant, credit union developer and facilitator of the Pursuit of Happiness Seminar. He holds a Masters of Philosophy Degree; a Masters of Science Degree; a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Certificate in Education.  He has had extensive training in macr0economics; labour market economics; insurance; international finance; international trade; public finance; sport business; sport tourism and; human and industrial psychology.

He is former Senior Adviser to the Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank; Chief Executive Officer and Lead Consultant of Adriens and President of We’ll Help Ministries International.

His career highlights at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (over nineteen years) include coordinating the OECS Productivity Project; researching and advising public and private sector enterprises on matters relative to manpower development, work ethics and productivity; providing policy advice on business and consumer behaviour; assisting in re-engineering the operations of export promoting companies; advising on investment management; designing risk-based modules for credit underwriting institutions; assessing the risk management capabilities of retail credit institutions; developing risk transfer models for selected Caribbean countries; advising on insurance business, pension fund management and commercial bank financing.

His published work spans the areas of finance and development; finance and retail banking; economic democracy in transitional societies; finance as a mechanism for empowerment, economic democracy and wealth creation; the nexus between mass tourism and leisure, entertainment and sport.

Peter has been a consultant to the Caribbean public and private sectors; non-government organizations; risk mitigating and transfer companies; several Caribbean governments, and the Organization of American States (OAS), Washington.

Source: Adriens


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